Drunk And Naked Schoolies Flash Flesh On Social Media


Forget balcony hopping and planking … drunk and naked schoolies  are using social media to post balcony flashing.

Schoolies is the end of school celebration on Australia’s Gold Coast that has become a right of passage for Australia’s teenagers and this year the police have been praising their behaviour.

In previous years the celebrations have been marred with brawls, public drunkenness, drug abuse, dangerous stunts and public nudity but after the first three days of the party the Queensland Police Service are happy.

But perhaps they are not looking up. A quick scan of Instagram, a social media site where people share photographs, reveals a growing number of holiday snaps of partygoers in a state of undress.

Exclusively News can only show readers some of the less explicit image because of pornography laws but needless to say that some of them don’t leave much to the imagination.

But it clear that party goers of both sexes are stripping off their gear and flaunting their flesh on the balconies of Surfers Paradise high rises.

Daytime or night time, they don't care.

Daytime or night time, they don’t care.

Is this the reason why some party goers are balcony hopping?

Is this the reason why some party goers are balcony hopping?

Schoolies6 Schoolies7 Schoolies8 Schoolies9 Schoolies10


Meanwhile, police  have charged an 18-year old New South Wales man for balcony hopping in Surfers Paradise.

Police received information that there were foot marks on the railings of four adjoining balconies on level eight of a high-rise building on the Esplanade.

An 18-year-old man has been changed with one count of unregulated high risk activity and is due to appear in Southport Magistrates Court tomorrow.

Acting Chief Superintendant Des Lacy said that this kind of behavior is of great concern to police.

‘Police will continue their efforts to reduce the high risk behavior of ‘balcony hoping’ and are prepared to prosecute others who fail to listen to the warnings which have been given continually,’ he said.

“We want everyone to enjoy their Schoolies experience, but this kind of behavior is incredibly risky and the last thing we want to see if anyone being seriously injured or killed as a result of a poor choice.”

Overnight police arrested 10 schoolies on 13 offences with the majority of charges for public nuisance and street offences. There were two schoolies arrested for minor drug offences.

Of the schoolies arrested overnight all were males.

Liquor infringements notices were issued overnight to 115 schoolies.

So far since Friday night there have been a total of 19 schoolies arrested compared with 43 schoolies for the same time frame last year.

Overnight there were 25 people arrested on 41 charges which were not schoolies related and were mainly for drug, public nuisance and good order offences along with 32 non-schoolies receiving liquor infringement notices.

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